Don't look any further. This by far the most outstanding tree service company in Roanoke. They have an arborist who comes out promptly to access the work needed(her experience is invaluable), their cost is half, if not more, of any of the other tree services I have used, they arrive promptly to do the work, their crew worked diligently, carefully, throughout the day. I never even noticed any of them taking a break. The owner has 30yr of experience which was evident as the work proceeded with safety and accuracy. The clean up was impeccable, and any questions or concerns were addressed immediately, Communication was alway prompt throughout the whole process. The entire project, 6 huge pines and pruning of 2 large trees was done in a day and a half. Outstanding! Finally a company that's work is beyond compare and helps out the community with affordable tree care when most of us may be facing costs of necessary tree issues that can not be avoided due to safety. Thank you to all of you at Roots Arbor care.

Anne L.

Highly recommend this company. They out to look at a couple of trees, one of which was a huge cedar tree. The towered over our house, and our neighbors house. It needed trimming and pruning back and another maple tree with some dead branches, and also overhanging the house a lot. We had several estimates a couple of folks didn’t even want to do anything with the cedar tree because of the size. However, she gave us certainly a better price than others. Her team came in on the date they indicated and called a few days beforethey did an excellent job. Took away all the trimmings left the area, looking nice and clean. None of the smaller trees and bushes that we had underneath were damaged and Anna came back by to check on the work afterwards and make sure we were happy. Highly highly recommend them.

Anthony Stavola

The team at Roots Arbor Care were great from start to finish! We had to have two large oak trees removed from our front yard, as they were dead/dying.The arborist, Anna, was professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable. They were quick to come out and provide a quote with some different options - their quote came in quite a bit lower than the quotes we got from the competition, which was a pleasant surprise considering the high quality of service Roots Arbor Care provided.The owner, Nate, is a true expert who clearly values providing a quality service. I was impressed that he is the one who gets up in the bucket up high to cut the trees while his crew worked to clear limbs and keep the worksite clean. Their equipment is impressive, all the neighbors said they got some entertainment watching the crew work.We were surprised when we got a message saying they discovered an entire bee colony living in one of the trees, but they didn't skip a beat and coordinated with a local beekeeper to save the colony - Nate came back when it was dark that night and put a screen up to keep the bees in, and they were able to relocate that section of the tree with the bees to their new home! They really went above and beyond, and its clear they care about preservation.We were truly impressed with Roots Arbor Care and will be using them for all future trimming and removal services.

J May

We had an urgent (mostly due to our neglect) need to take down two large pine trees. We called Anna Copplestone at Roots Arbor Care, having found the business online due to excellent reviews. She was out to look at the job that same week, texted us with an estimate and had work completed just a few days later. Disaster averted. The work was perfectly well done and at an excellent price. I would highly recommend Roots Arbor Care!

Alan Dalkin

We had a 60' tree that needed to be felled ASAP, and Roots was able to fit us into their schedule and get the entire tree down and everything cleaned up within 6 hours. Professional and efficient. We would highly recommend using them again. Not to mention they beat out all the competition from a cost standpoint. Great value.

Rob Hale

Fantastic job removing tall pine from backyard!Last Christmas Eve the base of a large pine tree was damaged by wind, rainand cold temperatures. This tree was located in the backyard away fromthe street. Since the ground was very wet, it was difficult to getequipment near the tree. Previously, one other tree service triedunsuccessfully to reach the tree because of the wet lawn.When the recent winds this past week made the large tree lean further, I looked to another tree service company. I was pleasantly surprised withthe quickness and knowledge of their estimator, Anna. The estimate was handledthe same day as my phone call and I had a itemized estimate the next day.Arbor Roots had equipment that not only reached this tree with minormarkings on the lawn, but also did a wonderful job cleaning andrestoring the lawn as much as possible. Their equipment had tracksinstead of wheels which allowed it to maneuver on the wet, soft lawn.The large (old) wood privacy fence touching this large tree was notdamaged by their work nor the small cedar and the pampas grass nearby.As I watched Nate's team work, I was impressed how well they worked together.The team of four wore safety equipment and were very conscious ofeach other. The debris removal was also done with a tracked vehiclewhich took the debris to their wood chipper located in the street. Atthis time, they also brought down four other trees that were damaged.After the tree work was done they cleaned the area including thestreet. Then came back and asked if there were any questions.All was done in one morning (4hrs)! I would definitely recommend Arbor Roots for tree service.

Loretta Bedia

This service exceeded our expectations. They were prompt, very skilled , very careful, and professional. They have state of the art equipment. Every aspect of their service was top-notch!

Jeannie Lake

Very happy with our experience. They arrived on time, and showed up with everything needed to tackle the job. One of the problem trees was over 100ft tall wedged between my propane gas tank and my house. They handled it flawlessly. Communication is very strong and they almost seem to know what the other needs/will do without saying it. They have somehow managed to turn arbor work into artwork. Really cool to watch the process. By the time they left the yard was clean of all debris from the work. I 100% would recommend and call them for any future trees issues. Very knowledgeable and professional, start to finish. Thank you Roots Arbor Care.

Ashley Kumar

We had a huge white oak hit by lightning 30’ from our house. Anna, the arborist, looked at the damage and we agreed it couldn’t survive. They scheduled the removal and showed up promptly at 8:00am. They came with the equipment necessary to do a big job and crew of 5. It was fascinating to watch their skill as a team. Removal was complete in 6 hours and clean up was excellent. They had done 2 other homes with tree removal in our neighborhood and they recommended Roots to us. We wholeheartedly recommend this company for tree removal.

Arthur Kunkle